The investment and fund industry has fundamentally changed, and will continue to adapt to the post financial crisis environment. Institutional investors are increasing allocation to alternative funds and retail investors are looking to absolute return funds resulting in the convergence of alternative and mutual funds. This is coupled with the biggest regulatory upheaval in 70 years. Multifonds is the single platform system offering fund and portfolio accounting as well as investor servicing and transfer agency for the changing industry.

This convergence of alternative and mutual funds, the continued globalization of the industry, the pressure on costs and the need for fundamental changes in efficiency, as well as un-precedent levels of new regulation, such as AIFMD in Europe, are all key issues facing the investment and fund industry.

The time is right not just for incremental update to the patchwork of operational processes and related systems built up in the 1990s and 2000s - but for a fundamental rethink of the operating model and the quantity and capabilities of your organization's systems.

Imagine the benefits of a system with capability to manage all the asset classes and all the jurisdictions you're involved with now or in the future, from a single accounting and investor servicing platform. Combine that with a system that handles the flexibility and complexity of alternative funds together with the scalability and control for traditional funds and it would give enormous opportunities to realize operational efficiencies. It would also facilitate more rapid entry into new growth areas.

That's the Multifonds vision. Multifonds is a fund accounting, portfolio accounting and investor servicing and transfer agency system that handles all of the major asset classes and fund types across the major global jurisdictions - all on a single fully integrated platform.

Multifonds is now used in over 40 installations and more than 30 regulatory jurisdictions by leading clients, including a majority of the world's top tier global custodians, third-party administrators, insurance companies and asset managers.

Multifonds has been supporting many top tier asset managers and fund administrators for over 20 years, and is completely committed to invest in its flexible and scalable software, to efficiently support the changing industry, for all fund types, across all jurisdictions and new regulation.

Multifonds. One platform, a world of flexibility.