Multifonds believes everyone should be able to access its website. We have designed the website to standards that aim to make it easy for you to get the information you need.

If you come across barriers to accessing information, we would like to hear from you:

Accessibility features on the website

Here are some of the features we have built into the website to help you navigate and some of the ways you can change your browser screen to get a clearer view of the site:

We aim to make all forms accessible. Field names on each form are explicitly associated with their text boxes, radio buttons and checkboxes.

Opening links - all links to other websites will open in your existing browser window, enabling you to use your browser back button to navigate.

If any other links open in a new or popup window, we will give you a warning.

Skip navigation
We have added html code to our web pages so your screen reader can skip the navigation wherever you need and give you access to the main content.

Change the way this site looks

Text size
You can adjust the size of the text on this website. This setting is found in the View menu of most browsers.

Font and background colours
On some browsers you can change the font and background colours, using the Options or Preferences menu in your browser.

Use a plain layout
Some browsers let you strip a web page of all layout and styling by turning off the website's style sheets. Look under the View menu for this setting in your browser.

Contact us

If you are unable to access a particular page on the website, use the feedback page to tell us the problem you encountered. We cannot reply to all emails but will act on feedback as soon as we can.