Career development

Unlocking employee potential is very important to us. We aim to continue developing our employees' skills through a positive cycle of continuous performance improvement so we can stay ahead of the game.

New Hires

Joining a new organization is a very exciting time full of opportunities. We provide all new hires a customised induction plan to ensure everyone is fully and properly inducted. This plan will help every new hire to discover and understand our culture and operating principles, and build a foundation for performing effectively from day one.

Orientation session - During your first day at Multifonds you'll have the opportunity to participate in a customised orientation session organised locally. This "boot camp" will introduce you to key information, resources and tools.

Your first 6 months - The first 6 months are often critical in a new job. During this time, you'll be learning everything that you can about Multifonds, our products and our objectives. During your first 2 weeks you'll work with your manager to establish objectives and associated Key Performance Indicators in order to ensure your are focusing on the right things during this critical period.

Mentoring - Teamwork is part our values. Juniors in consulting need constant guidance and coaching. To help them to go through their learning curve, we assign a senior consultant to mentor them during their induction period. We find this method to be very efficient and mutually beneficial.

Product Training - For most positions (consulting and product management) an excellent knowledge of Multifonds' products is absolutely crucial. We regularly organise product trainings at different levels, to continuously improve the working product knowledge of all our employees. You will start your induction period with a 2-week session adapted to your level.

How do we manage employee performance?

Staff and their managers follow a well-established and formal career development process known as the Performance Development Plan (PDP). This is a continuous and highly interactive process. It involves employees and managers meeting (usually at the beginning of the year) to discuss and agree on key objectives and defining the key ingredients of a development plan for the next 12 months. PDP captures all training needs and requests as well as career expectations and ensures resources are provided. At the end of the year, the managers assess employees' performance based upon their achievements.

Career progress is reviewed annually for all staff and twice a year for juniors.

International opportunities

Our growth requires talented and trained people all over the globe. We believe working abroad is a fantastic development opportunity and it facilitates the development of the business around the world.

What are the key factors of an outstanding career at Multifonds?

The first factor is to achieve the highest success in your current role. Then, it's important to demonstrate a real energy and motivation to learn and grow, respecting company standards. Since we frequently operate in an international environment, flexibility and mobility will maximize your opportunities. With this in hand, you are ready to continue your growth and take up new challenges within Multifonds.

Looking at employees who are having a strong performance and great career development at Multifonds, we easily recognize some common features:

  • a solid expertise
  • a strong customer focus
  • an ability to learn
  • a strong sense of commitment
  • a real ability to communicate