Tips for your application

Our first impression about you will come from your résumé and your cover letter. There are no rules or specifications around the look or presentation of your résumé and cover letter but please ensure that you are concise and that you include these basics:

  • your current contact details
  • your education
  • diploma
  • certifications
  • language skills
  • key training courses attended
  • any other relevant experience.

For each of your previous jobs, it's important to specify your role and core responsibilities, your contribution to that role and what you learned from the experience.

Your cover letter should include the following:

  • the position for which you are applying
  • the key reasons for your desire to change job
  • your motivation to apply for this new job
  • the distinct contribution you would bring to Multifonds
  • and your mid and long term goals.

If we are interested in your application, you might be given a written test in your area of expertise: fund and portfolio accounting, investor servicing and transfer agency, development, technical support, DBA or IT support. The objective is to assess the your knowledge and competencies in your specific field. We expect a test result that reflects the expected level of seniority. Preparation is key for such an exercise, where core knowledge and details are important.

Our interviews typically have the following main objectives:

  • review the test to better understand where and why the candidate succeeded or failed
  • present the company and the position; highlight the key factors of success
  • assess candidates' skills and past experience. The "what" and the "how" are equally important
  • assess motivations for change and long term goals
  • define the main lines of the candidate personality and values
  • answer all questions

Preparation for these interviews is key

Candidates should investigate and familiarise themselves with the Multifonds business: products, customers, history, and challenges. This is the first step in fine-tuning your questions related to the company and the open position. It will also help you determine if your goals are in alignment with the mission and goals of Multifonds.

Be fully prepared on classic interview questions (samples below). You should try to minimize hesitations and unstructured responses. Avoiding these common interview pitfalls can significantly increase your impact and clarity.

  • What are your current aims?
  • What have been your major achievements over the last 3 years?
  • What are your long-term goals?
  • What are you willing to do with Multifonds that you are not able to do with your current company?
  • Describe a situation where you had to… (example: make an important decision on your own)
  • What do you think your previous managers would say about you?

Try to answer the question directly and specifically. Be sure to provide relevant examples.

We believe that a professional attitude, which includes the way you present yourself, your attention to detail and your listening and interpersonal skills; are critical for success at Multifonds, particularly for those in customer facing roles.