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Multi-market approach scores with fast-growing fund manager

Multi-market approach scores with fast-growing fund manager

Highlighting Multifonds' growing attractiveness to smaller, fast growing investment management companies, Liechtenstein-based Institutionelle Fondsleitung AG (IFAG) recently went live with our fund accounting solution.

IFAG entered the fund administration business in 2000 and is pursuing a policy of active growth. Multifonds is a core component of their strategy to offer high value and first class client services.

"One of the major decision drivers for choosing Multifonds was the outstanding capabilities of its platform, which are very much aligned with our Asian and local markets oriented business strategy," says Markus Gitz, member of IFAG's administrative board.

"Asset managers and institutional investors are looking for a state-of-the-art, multi-market approach solution to investment accounting. We believe we can best achieve that through partnering with Multifonds."

IFAG's choice further cements Multifonds' position of leadership in the Liechtenstein market. The three major investment institutions there - LGT, LLB and VP Bank - are already using our fund accounting solution.