From day one back in 1995, Multifonds has been committed to a unique 'one system, one database' philosophy. Multifonds' founding vision and ongoing drive for excellence has created an over-arching solution to replace expensive in-house platforms or the typical patchwork of third-party vendor systems operating in isolation.

Multifonds has been developed on a single Oracle platform using leading edge, industry standard tools. The design makes extensive use of relational database architecture and user-defined parameters which means it can be configured quickly and easily to support a wide variety of products and country-specific requirements.

Multifonds is also immensely scalable, and able to handle almost limitless volumes of data.

The result is a single platform system capable of handling multiple jurisdictions, asset classes, fund structures, locations, time zones, currencies and languages. It offers operational efficiencies and unique flexibility to meet new product, business and regulatory demands and opportunities as they arise.

Benefit from a single platform system

  • Multi-jurisdictional : Compliant in over 30 regulatory jurisdictions, with more being added constantly
  • Uniquely flexible: Highly configurable, enabling your business to react fast to new challenges (e.g. regulatory requirements) and opportunities (e.g. new jurisdictions or fund types)
  • Truly global: Enables different teams in multiple locations to undertake discrete tasks within the operational model
  • Significantly reduces costs: A common processing model reduces the costs and risks of ownership of multiple in-house or third-party legacy platforms, while increasing process quality and control.