Global Accounting

Multifonds' advanced accounting solution is deployed by institutions around the world handling assets totalling over $3.7 trillion. It combines key position keeping, valuation and accounting functions including start-of-day and on demand valuations (IBOR) and end-of-day NAV per share calculations (ABOR) for efficient fund administration services on a single platform.

Portfolio accounting (IBOR)

Multifonds delivers multiple valuation types - start-of-day, end-of-day/world, ad-hoc and performance - for the middle office investment view of market valuation. It is a best of breed middle office investment operations platform - functions include transaction and cash management, confirmation processing, position keeping, real time P&L, investment accounting, cash flow forecasting, corporate actions processing including voluntary elections as well as third party reconciliation.

The ability to combine IBOR and ABOR in a single account structure eliminates non-value added work including capture and maintenance of transactional, static reference and pricing data in multiple systems, and improves efficiency by removing the need for reconciliation between the middle and back office.

Fund accounting (ABOR)

Multifonds delivers general ledger accounting and NAV production - daily, weekly and monthly - for sophisticated account types and structures of mutual, institutional, alternative, hedge and pension funds across global markets and more than 30 regulatory jurisdictions. These encompass North America, Asia and Europe including the UK. Multifonds enables different accounting and tax methods to be run and maintained simultaneously for a single fund. For example UK tax and German tax can all be processed at the same time for the same account structure.

The integrated workflow capabilities of Multifonds allow user defined workflows and configurable rules to be processed against a fund to enable accountants and operational staff to work on an exception basis; managing one off situations as they occur with zero disruption, and achieve fundamental increases in efficiency while reducing the risk of their fund operations.