Global Investor

Multifonds Global Investor is a transfer agency and investor servicing system that supports global assets totalling over $1.8trillion across 20+ fund domiciles. It handles both traditional and alternative funds with STP rates in excess of 75%, with investors resident in more than 160 countries across the globe.

Multifonds Global Investor consolidates investor servicing and transfer agency operations onto a single, industrial-scale platform across all investment fund types. It delivers the benefits of scalability and control demanded by traditional funds such as 4-eyes processing and flexible distributor/commission structures, uniquely combined with the complexity and flexibility for alternative funds such as performance fee, investor equalization, series of shares processing and partnership accounting including investor level incisive and asset based fees with full allocation capabilities required for US and offshore limited partnerships.

Multifonds Global Investor supports a growing set of regulatory and tax requirements across jurisdictions such as Anti Money Laundering measures, ERISA, the EU Savings Directive, the Irish Finance Act, Swedish tax, UCITS IV and most recently FATCA.

Alternatives flexibility

Multifonds Global Investor delivers the breadth of functionality for alternatives, including partnership accounting, and for unitized funds, fund level performance fees, using both investor equalization as well as series of shares processing.

Multifonds fully supports a wide range of fund structures, including limited partnerships, hedge funds with series of shares, hedge funds with equalization, master/feeder fund structures, fund of funds, alternative UCITS funds as well as mutual funds, money market funds, UCITS funds and unit trusts.

Institutional control

Multifonds Global Investor benefits from the proven control and scalability that the platform provides. It includes 4-eyes checking on all static data and additional re-keying features on transaction processing, control reports, full audit trail, investor risk adequacy check and linking order processing with fund rules including AML/KYC and transaction limits. It fully supports daily NAV processing across a wide range of agents and commission structures in the high scaled and automated mutual fund market. Depth of functionality includes the required regulatory and tax rules relevant to each jurisdiction, as well as highly flexible commission and fund distribution support.