We work closely with clients day-to-day, providing expert functional and technical support to ensure they're enjoying maximum operational benefit from Multifonds. Our dedicated consulting teams are as global as the top tier businesses we serve.

We also work with customers at a more strategic level, building a thorough understanding of their business drivers so that we can align our product development roadmap with their needs.

This allows us to be proactive about developing services and products while maintaining the structured approach that has always ensured quality deliverables, consistency and flexibility.

Multifonds is constantly extended to meet changing customer and industry needs. Clients can take advantage of two releases a year that incorporate all extra functionalities into an updated platform.

Multifonds product roadmap is driven by proactive analysis and investment into strategic product enhancements as well as new regulatory demands. In additional client requests to support migration of new portfolios or funds are incorporated into the next release.

Implementation services

Services include implementing role concepts, individual fund structures or installing accounting methods and procedures. Multifonds Implementation Services draw their experience from numerous customisations completed for small, medium and large sized financial institutions.

When status concepts are implemented and valuation guidelines are set, both the expertise and experience of our technical and functional product experts are equally crucial.

Migration services

Our dedicated team of migration experts assist you in migrating data records from your old system to Multifonds. We have substantial and diversified global experience with migration projects, demonstrated over many years.

We share this expertise with our clients, from tasks such as analysing and mapping data from old systems and data structures, through to determining migration volumes and achieving a secure data reconciliation with Multifonds.

Our consultants create migration concepts and support you with extracting, transforming and importing the data required to ensure reliable operation of our solution in your business.

Production services

Multifonds Production Services provide functional and technical support and Multifonds platform maintenance.

Functional support includes 1st and 2nd-level user support.

The functional support team also works with you to develop new business requirements and on the functional design of resulting enhancements. This work includes user consultation, requirements elicitation and management, as well as ongoing operations control.

Technical services

Multifonds Technical Services include database optimization, system health checks and interface developments. We can assist you when you upgrade to a new release or migrate funds and data from your old system to Multifonds.

We also help with integrating third party products and developing customized applications based on various technologies. We are able to provide clients with ad-hoc analysis, create and monitor business processes, and make sure your system's performance is optimized.

Testing services

Multifonds is uniquely placed to provide testing services of a depth and quality that third party providers can't match.

The main advantages of working with us are:

  • A unique methodology and approach. We know our customers' businesses, have proven our ability to maintain confidentiality, and are trusted to host databases containing sensitive customer data at our sites
  • We offer a testing approach that is fully integrated. This insight allows us to run control test scripts as the product is enhanced (new screens, new fields etc.) saving both time and effort caused by unnecessary testing failures
  • Our experts have unrivalled business knowledge across multiple jurisdictions
  • We bring efficiency to the process and a quick return on investment.

Multifonds Testing Services are based on a standardised model with automated test scripts that are customised in partnership with each client.

Training services

The Multifonds Knowledge Centre offers a variety of training courses, each of which can be customized for your organization. The courses are designed to address your unique requirements and specific training needs while increasing your staff's efficiency in using our products, thereby increasing productivity and reducing costs for support.